ExpensAble® Plus Prepaid MasterCard®

Confidently control employee spending with prepaid debit cards

Eliminate the need for cash advances and personal or corporate credit cards. With the ExpensAble® Plus Prepaid MasterCard®, you can distribute funds electronically to employees and recoup unused cash.

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Make cash a thing of the past

Transfer money directly from the company account to your employees’ prepaid card, eliminating the administrative burdens of cash advances and reimbursements.

Recoup unused funds

Employees didn’t spend all of their allocated funds? You can pull unused funds off of employees’ cards and deposit them back into your company’s account instantly.

Control spending before it starts

Make sure your employees are using preferred vendors and sticking to your budget by setting daily spending caps and limiting spending to specific merchants.

Track employee card purchases in real time

When you connect your cards to ExpensAble Corporate software, purchases automatically populate in the system as they happen – you can see exactly when, where and how your money is being spent.

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Feature-rich, Web-based software designed to manage every detail of your expense reporting process.

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20+ filers.


A lighter version of our Corporate product that automates and streamlines your entire expense reporting process.

Best for businesses with
fewer than 20 filers.


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