Automate your company’s expense reports

No matter where your business takes you, Insperity® ExpensAble® helps you conveniently track and analyze your company’s expenses.


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Stay connected

Manage expense reports from nearly any device with an Internet connection, including your PC, Mac or smartphone.

Work smarter

Spot spending trends with automated reports that will help you analyze expenses and empower you to make informed business decisions.

Save receipts electronically

Spend less time worrying about losing receipts by capturing them with the snap of a smartphone camera.

Reimbursement integration

Reimburse employees through your choice of reimbursement systems, including payroll and ACH.

Let wizards guide you

Speed through entries with helpful prompts that provide guidance on using built-in currency, hotel and credit card tools.

Gain control of your expenses

Other expense management solutions simply allow you to gather information about what’s already been spent, and none provide the pre-spending control and full integration of ExpensAble. Key aspects of our expense control solution include:

Allocation title=Allocation


Easily control and allocate funds to any of your employees, while they’re on the go, in near real time
Mobile requests title=Mobile requests

Mobile requests

Mobile-enabled spending request and approval routing
The ability to pull back unused funds title=Additional savings

Additional savings

The ability to pull back unused funds
Control of where and when money can be spent with configurable spending limits and merchant blocking title=Set limits

Set limits

Control of where and when money can be spent with configurable spending limits and merchant blocking

Insperity ExpensAble is:

  • Easy to use – Delivers an extremely intuitive user interface
  • Easy to configure – Enables you to easily update expense policies, users and business rules at any time
  • Easy to deploy – Allows for deployment in a few weeks, eliminating the lengthy implementation process associated with many other expense reporting solutions
  • Scalable – Grows with you as your company grows, allowing you to easily add employees in a matter of minutes
  • Secure – Provides certified security infrastructure and secure online global access
  • Interface friendly – Easy to migrate expense data into your other key business system

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Effortless Expense Control, Management and Visibility

Proactively control your expenses with Insperity Expense Management. We understand how important it is to manage costs and gain better control of your expenses. That’s why we offer Insperity ExpensAble, one of the most comprehensive expense management solutions on the market that offers true front-end oversight. ExpensAble’s end-to-end expense control features help you manage your risks and control costs by enabling you to decide when and how every dollar is spent. In addition, ExpensAble automates your expense reporting and reimbursement processes, helps you enforce your corporate spending policies and provides extraordinary visibility into your company’s expenditures.

Hundreds of companies trust Insperity for expense management