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Travel and expense management (TEM) automation is one of the simplest and most effective ways to cut costs and create more efficient processes in the back office. This report analyzes the trends of organizations’ travel and expense (T&E) processes, and outlines the features and services offered by one of today’s leading TEM software providers.

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• Current Market Trends in Travel and Expense Management Processes Among Organizations
• The Benefits of Travel and Expense Automation for Organizations
• Features and Functionalities of TEM Software
• Sunshine Act Compliance
• A Leading TEM Software Provider

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Manual expense reporting, involving paper receipts, tedious expense report assembly, and lengthy approval periods, has always been a burden on traveling professionals. Over the last thirty years, substantial developments in globalization, transportation, the internet, and mobile technology have changed the needs of businesses all over the world— and have further complicated the expense reporting process for business travelers.

As a response to the need for faster, more efficient, and more hands-off expense reporting, travel and expense management (TEM) technology was designed to give the traveling workforce more flexibility without sacrificing organizations’ control over company spend. TEM technology enables employees to book travel plans that are compliant and cost-efficient, manage expenses without having to keep track of paper receipts or fill out spreadsheets, and gain approvals more quickly. It gives travel managers full visibility into all traveling expenses, and helps them catch deviant, over-budget, and other non-compliant spend immediately.



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