ExpensAble Corporate FAQs Overview

Accounting Role

How do I reject an “Approved for Payment” expense report?

Go to Accounting, New Batch, select the report by checking the box to the left of the expense report.  Then, hit the back to review button at the bottom of the screen.  This will send the report back to Accounting Review status and you can then go to Accounting, Review and reject the report.

Administration Role

How do I reset a user’s password?

The Administrator can reset a user’s password by going to Administration > Employee > Choose the Employee > Edit and then changing the password in the employee’s profile screen.
The employee can reset their own password if they have set up security questions by using the “Forgot Password” link on the login page. If they have not set up security question or can’t remember the answers then the Administrator must reset it.

Some of my submitters have some old corporate card transactions that never got put into a expense report.  They are still out there and I would like to clean them up but the system won’t allow me to delete them.

If you go to Administration, Company Info, and Features, you can enable “Allow Employees to Delete Imported Credit Card Transactions in CC Genie” feature, and you will then be able to delete the old card transactions for any user you are a proxy submitter for. Remember to go back and disable the “Allow Employees to Delete Imported Credit Card Transactions in CC Genie” feature when you are done so your employees cannot delete transactions.

The mileage entry screen doesn’t have a mileage rate, how do I fix it?

Go to Administration, Configuration, click New. From the Pending tab, click on Expense Report Settings, then Distance, and edit the distance rate. Once changed, hit save, then go to Configuration, Pending, and click on Commit Now to make the new rate active in the system.

The mileage rate didn’t change to the new IRS rate with the new year. How do I fix it?

ExpensAble does not automatically change the mileage rate because we have customers that are international or use a company specified rate rather than the IRS rate. Refer to the Year to Year Rate user guide for instructions.

Submitter Role

I forgot my password, what do I do?

If you have set up security questions you can use the forgot password link on the login page or in the settings section of the mobile app to reset it yourself. If you have not set up security questions or have problems resetting it please contact your company’s ExpensAble administrator, they can reset your password for you.

Some of the charges from corporate card aren’t in ExpensAble, what do I do?

Please allow up to five business days for a transaction to post in ExpensAble, if you have an automated corporate card feed. If the transaction still doesn’t appear, please let your ExpensAble administrator know the date of the charge, how much it was for, and the merchant processing the transaction. Your administrator can contact the ExpensAble Support Desk to ask them to refeed the charge.

Are there submitter guides or videos?

The submitter guides and training videos are located in the ExpensAble Learning Center by selecting the Help tab once you log in.

How do we utilize the ExpensAble Mobile App?

You can download the ExpensAble Corporate mobile app from the Apple App Store or from Google Play. You can learn more about using the app by accessing the ExpensAble Corporate Mobile 4.0 User Guide.

ExpensAble Plus Prepaid MasterCard

How can you order a card for an employee?

Add the new employee under Administration, Employees. Add the cardholder role to the employee. Then, go to the ExpenseCard section of ExpensAble, and click on Cards and Groups. At the bottom of the screen, click on new, then select the employee to order a card for.