ExpensAble Desktop FAQs

My computer just crashed and/or was replaced. How do I transfer ExpensAble to my new computer?

A registration code will need to be released by ExpensAble. To request a release of your registration code, visit http://www.insperity.com/products/expense-management/support/desktop/reinstall.

Below are links to installers.

Will I need to purchase ExpensAble again for my new computer, or can the registration/license transfer?

If you had ExpensAble on your previous computer, ExpensAble can release the license so you can use it on your new computer.

To release your license, go to: http://www.insperity.com/products/expense-management/support/desktop/reinstall

Alternatively, you may email your request to expensable.desktopsupport@insperity.com. Please provide your license registration code in the email.

How do I print a copy of my expense reports?

In the ExpensAble software, go to Administration > Report Forms. Choose the report format that fits your needs and select Activate Report.

How do I change the status of my expense envelope from “Submitted” to “In Progress”?

Select the envelope you want to change. Under the History tab on the left-hand side, change Status. Select Update on the right-hand side.

Expensable History Tab

I can’t seem to find my data file. All my expenses were in that file. Where is it?

By default, the ExpensAble data file is saved under the Documents folder in your computer.

To see the file path of the initial data file in ExpensAble, click File > Viewing the Recent Files. The list will contain the pathway to the location of your data files.

You can also go to start, search and type in *.qex to see where any other data files may be stored on your computer.

ExpensAble Documents Folder

I would like to generate a report of my entire year’s expense reporting. How is this done?

Analysis reports can be found in ExpensAble on the left panel under Analysis Reports. You can generate many different types of reports here. For example, the Expense Type analysis report can be generated by date range to see your entire year’s expenses.

ExpensAble Anlysis Reports

What operating system does ExpensAble support?

  • ExpensAble Version 9 can run on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8;  MAC OS X 10.6 and newer
  • ExpensAble Version 7 can only run on Windows operating systems; Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8

I only have a certain number of uses left on my ExpensAble software. What can I do?

You are receiving this notification because your ExpensAble product has not been registered completely. Please go through the Guided Setup, and register your product to avoid the limited number of uses.

What is the E-Bin feature on ExpensAble Version 9?

The E-Bin allows you to access receipt images sent from your mobile app and attach these receipts to expense reports. The E-Bin folder can be found under My Account on the left panel.

The smartphone is called ExpensAble Office. You will need your registered email address and registration code to start using the app. Please make sure that when registering the app, the same email address is used as when ExpensAble Version 9 purchase was made.

ExpensAble receipt images

How do I change the user information on an expense report?

To change the user information for a specific expense report: Select your expense report >Edit > Envelope User Information. The user information can be changed here.

ExpensAble User Information

How do I change the default reimbursable mileage rate in ExpensAble?

The mileage rate in ExpensAble can be changed in the Guided Setup, or go to Edit > Envelope User Information.

I’m getting an “Internal Server Error” when starting my ExpensAble. How do I fix this?

This error message prevents you from using the E-Bin and ExpensAble app. It occurs because the system needs to configure your identity with the email address you registered with ExpensAble.

Please follow the steps below in order to fix the Internal Server error:

  • Go to Help > About ExpensAble
  • Hold down the shift key > Click Set License at the same time
  • Select ExpensAble.com > Click Save
  • Go to Administration > Click Access Manager >Click Expensable.com Service LoginParameters > Enter the email used above in the User ID > Click Save
  • Go back to Help > Click About ExpensAble > Hold down the shift key> Click Set License at the same time
  • Select Mobile Companion > Click Save

This will correct the internal server error that you are experiencing.

If you need additional help fixing this issue, please contact ExpensAble support at Expensable.DesktopSupport@insperity.com to schedule a web meeting.

ExpensAble Internal Server Error

How do I select a different print format in ExpensAble?

For ExpensAble Version 7, print formats can be changed under Reports > Report Forms.
For ExpensAble Version 9, print formats can be changed under Administration > Report Forms.

I am unable to see a print preview of my expense reports. What do I do?

Please make sure a report format style is selected in ExpensAble. The recommended print format is Standard Domestic-Portrait.

For ExpensAble Version 7, print formats can be set under Reports > Report Forms.

For ExpensAble Version 9, print formats can be set under Administration > Report Forms > Activate the report you have selected.

If you are using a PDF report format, make sure that you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer and enabled in Internet Explorer under Tools > Manage Add-ons.

How do I convert an expense report in ExpensAble to a PDF or Excel file?

An expense report can be exported as a PDF or Excel file. Simply go to File > Export > Select PDF or Excel > Name the file > Select the location to save the file. The expense report will be converted from ExpensAble into your chosen format, which can be easily shared or archived for your records.

ExpensAble Excel file

I am unable to send an email of my expense report?

ExpensAble needs a MAPI email client, such as Outlook or Thunderbird, set up to use the email feature in ExpensAble.

When I try to print my expense report the page displays with no data. How do I fix this?

Set Google Chrome as your default browser. Then, in ExpensAble, go to Administration > Report Forms > Click HTML tab > Select Domestic Report > Click Activate Report > Print Expense Report